Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Toys for Tots & Hugs

From Grandma Ruth:
I think of Zach a lot, and when I do, I just keep remembering him doling out those hello and goodbye hugs. I’d say “I love you” and he’d say “Love you, too.” As far as specific stories about Zach, I think you know all the same ones I know. I think my two favorite memories are 1) When he came home from school, telling you all about how some kids weren’t going to get Christmas presents, and that he wanted to donate stuff to Toys for Tots (his caring nature); and 2) When he plastered leaves all over himself on Halloween and went out as a “tree.” (his silly side).
Mostly, though, I remember the hugs and “love you, too’s.” Maybe that’s because it’s what I miss the most.

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