Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bracelet for Mom

From Mary
This will probably make you cry, but I have a story about Zach. I don't remember if this was after I moved back from Phoenix or while I still lived there and was visiting. Zach and I were at the mall shopping, I think it was specifically for him to buy you something either for your b-day, Xmas or mothers day, I can't remember. We were at Younkers and he found a bracelet with your birthstone and wanted to get it for you. It was rather expensive in regards to a gift from a kid. I wasn't sure if I should let him so I called mom to ask what she thought and she said since he was so adamant about it to go ahead and let him. I was concerned that it might not fit so I tried it on to see, Zach was so anxious because he really wanted to get it for you. It was something he really wanted to do and I could tell it gave him great satisfaction to be able to do it.
This also reminds me of the time the three of us went to blue grass for the all city garage sale. Zach bought something for himself but also something for you and mom. He was such a thoughtful young man!!!

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