Wednesday, August 12, 2009

And I miss you, Zachary Hughes

It’s late at night but I cannot sleep
My mind is racing and into
my head thoughts of you creep
and I weep, and I weep

I miss your laughing and your
talking and your dreaming
I miss your smile and the way
you would stall at night
Mostly I just miss your sight

Your outlook on life was one of a kind
You were thoughtful and loving
and had a witful mind

I praise the Lord for our time together
Even though I knew it wouldn’t be forever –
I thought I would be the first to leave
Isn’t that what most parents believe?

You were the best son a parent could ever have
- a true blessing and a treat
You brought happiness to the
people you’d meet
And I miss you
Zachary Hughes

Barb Dreyer
October 2007

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